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by Lisa Lemanski on Jun 06, 2017

Tell Us About You!

We’ve been working really hard here at MLL Insurance to connect with our current clients and prospects.  We’ve re-focused on revamping our website; from blogging more to adding more videos of our team explaining coverages.  We are frequent posters on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Our goal is to provide you with current and relevant information related and not related to insurance and also community events. 

We had Michigan Creative shoot an “About Us” video that we can use on our website, social media and other websites we advertise on.  We’ve done some exterior and interior work to make our building more welcoming and a great place to work.  We have also placed a strong emphasis on making our social media presence more personal.  We want you, our clients to be able to see who you’re working with on your insurance program…so we had updated and fresh headshots taken.  We are working really hard to celebrate more in our office we try to thank our team often and in various ways!  We are working on creating an experience instead of a transaction!

We also want to know more about you so….we are sending out questionnaires via email or calling you.  These questionnaires are intended to touch base with you and update our records if need be.  You may have added on to your home, own a drone, built a pole barn, finished your basement, and started driving for Uber or use Airbnb to make some extra cash.  It could be that you inherited some jewelry, art, guns or a collection of some sort.  These types of things all have an impact on your insurance program as do many other things. So fill out your questionnaires and let us know J

We also want you to know about other coverages that we offer such as umbrella policies, life insurance, etc.  If you follow us on social media you know that you can never have enough life insurance!  What you get through your employer doesn’t follow you when you leave or if you are terminated and it may not be enough!  When you receive our questionnaire please take a couple of minutes to fill them out and email, text or mail them back to us.  This way we can discuss any changes or make recommendations.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!  Thank you for your business!





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