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What Do You Know About Me? Lisa Lemanski

I hope you love Film Me Friday as much as I do!  It has been my little brain child for a few years now with some inspiration of Ryan Hanley.  I want you to get to know us and our team and collectively drop some insurance knowledge bombs on you to!  There are not that many agents out there that do this to be quite honest in a quick and informal way.   Some are WAY too long in my opinion going on and on for about 5 minutes or more and others are just boring!!  The speaker is either sitting down at their desk just droning on and on about intricate insurance issues and they appear to just be reading a script without any tone, voice inflection, arm movements etc.  I’m very quick to pull the trigger and big red “X” them and move onto the next one. 

I feel like Will, Chris and Justin do a great job of talking about different insurance questions we are asked on a daily basis but also with providing tips throughout the year in various places like basements to talk about sump pumps to downspouts, vacation trailers and points on your license! 

These next few weeks you will have the chance to REALLY get to know each and every one of us.  I want you to know about each and every one of us on a personal level.  What do we love to do when we aren’t amped up about insurance? Did you know that maybe more than one of us played football in college, one was a triple major in college, another Scottish dances etc?  Stay tuned to find out who!

In case you’ve missed Chris, Justin, Will or me were on the Meiers Lombardini Lemanski Insurance YouTube page.  Yes! That’s right!  I’ve created a YouTube page for all of you with loads of insurance knowledge bombs!  I know you’re pumped about it J

So, this past week we featured me…Lisa Lemanski.  Find out what other things besides insurance that I’m very passionate about outside of the agency.  If you guessed MMA, dance and cats you’re right but there’s SO much more so go watch!