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Let Us Be Your Insurance Nerds

As the sun rose over our office on July 17th we just knew it was going to be an very special day. Why you might ask? Well, it’s National Insurance Nerd Day of course and while some are offended by the term nerd and the connotation of the term our office took the time to embrace our inner insurance nerds!

 For those of you not familiar with our holiday it was created in 2016 to celebrate everyone who is employed by our great insurance industry. The recognition this holiday brings our industry is attempting to change the image of insurance being a boring career with the long term goal of bringing youth into insurance.

A recent study conducted by McKinsey and Co., 25% of insurance processionals will reach retirement by this year. Another study by Griffith Insurance Education Foundation found that only 5% of college students were “very interested” in a career in insurance. Our friends at Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company took it upon themselves to launch this campaign to raise awareness of the great need for youthful talent in insurance. They have done a phenomenal job of this and we are thrilled to represent this great Michigan based company in our office.

 Our team enthusiastically took it upon themselves to come dressed as the best insurance nerds ever! We had pigtails, lipstick on teeth, suspenders, taped glasses, loads of insurance reading and training materials, calculators, and pocket protectors to name a few. We love how we help people during their good times and bad times. We love to educate our clients and potential clients on the insurance risks and provide them with options. We pride ourselves on our commitment to staying current with all of the changing insurance trends through continuing education classes, working on insurance designations, reading insurance magazines and articles both in print and online. We love researching coverages and presenting them to our team during team meetings.

Here are a few pictures from one of our favorite holidays! We love being your insurance nerds and we look forward to helping you with your insurance program! #teammllins #NationalInsuranceNerdDay