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Teamwork Makes Our DREAM work!

Teamwork Makes Our Dream Work! #teammllins

We have an absolutely 100% amazing team here at Meiers Lombardini Lemanski Insurance!  Over the past few years we have started really building up our team atmosphere and culture in the office. 

That started with making sure all of our client support representatives (CSR's) had their licenses so we could provide you with the best service and arm them with the knowledge to serve you even better!  We also wanted our CSR's to see how much we valued their positions and their role in our office.  Now that they are licensed this requires them to have to take continuing education classes to keep their license active and to stay current on new coverages and products in our industry.  We also have them working toward insurance designations too!  We believe that this investment not only in education but in each of them is very important in how they view themselves as well.

We also try to do team activities whether that is decorating the office for holidays, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters for our team Christmas card, new photos, wearing pink for breast cancer awareness, team lunches and new incentives!  We've all had so much fun getting to know each other on a deeper level and it makes coming into the office so much fun!

We recently held a team lunch where we brought in lunch and carved pumpkins!  Now we need your HELP!! Like your favorite pumpkin and the winner will have the beautiful sparkly pumpkin for the year and a gift card of their choice!  We have some amazing entries! 

Investing in your team in a variety of ways is not only great for your team but you as well!  Watching our team celebrate each other and work together to get things done has been amazing and we are very fortunate to have a team that is dedicated to serving!  #teammllins