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Enjoy that Netflix Binge After this Tip!

Enjoy that Netflix Binge After this Tip!

 Staying cozy this winter sounds amazing! Turn the heat up a bit, put your jammies on, warm cozy socks, maybe a hot toddy, grab the popcorn and turn on Netflix! What things are you binge watching? We would love to hear what’s sucked you in!

 NOW...what happens if you try to turn the heat up and it doesn’t warm up in fact it gets colder in your home! Your family is wrapped up in blankets, maybe you’ve turned on your fireplace and the four letters are snuggled up tight with you but the thermostat keeps dropping! This is a great reminder to have your system service like we talked about in our previous post! Not only that but here are a few more tips to prevent you from freezing!

 #1 Check and change your furnace filter. Then set yourself a reminder in your phone to do this on the regular!

If you can’t remember the last time that you changed it then now it the time. This will help your HVAC system run efficiently and will help warm your home properly.

 #2 If you have ceiling fans in your home, lake cottage, and/or business reverse the direction of your fan!

This will help circulate the warm air that’s up by the ceiling down into the room.
Now get back to that couch or chair and get yourself settled in for your Netflix binge! #teammllins

Remember to give us your suggestions on binge worthy shows/movies/documentaries!