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Take It Slow in Ice and Snow

Take it Slow in Ice and Snow

 Winter has arrived! We knew it would but its been pretty hard to accept! Ha! We’ve been very lucky! Have you remembered to prep your vehicles for winter driving especially your teen and elderly drivers?
If you have a truck or light weight vehicle putting a tube of sand by the rear wheel wells in the bed of your truck or even salt or sand in the truck of your car helps to give your vehicle more weight and a bit more traction.
Here are some important things to put in a bag in your vehicle:
-small shovel -flashlight (in case your phone dies)
-ice scraper -blankets for the cold
-jumper cables -cell phone charger
-bottled water -food/snacks
If you have these items in your car you would be prepared to wait inside it an stay warm until help arrives! #teammllins