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Why an Independent Agency? What does that even mean?

Why an Independent Agency? What does that even mean?

 ML&L Insurance has been in business for 43 years this year! Our agency has always been independent. What does that mean to you exactly?

 *We don’t work for the insurance companies! We run our business how we see fit and don’t answer to the insurance companies. We are not on their payrolls.

 *We are licensed insurance agents with a number of insurance companies that we work together with to design an insurance program specific to your needs. We have the ability to place your insurance program with a number of insurance companies. We don’t just work with one or two companies.

 *We can provide you with proposals for your home, auto, business and life insurance needs.

 *We can offer you proposals for your life insurance needs as well. We work with a number of life insurance company as well not just one or two. We can offer term, whole life, long term care and key man coverage for your business needs too!

 *We will offer you options when we review your insurance program with you. If we can’t be competitive we will offer suggestions on your current program if we can. We hope this provides some clarification in layman’s terms as to what we do and how we do do it. #teammllins #independentagentsrock #iachannel #ia #insurance #michigan