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The May Sales Belt Winner is......JUSTIN MADAR!!!

                                             The May Sales Belt Winner is.......JUSTIN MADAR!!!

Our sales belt went into effect last month and we wanted to take a couple of minutes to interview our back to back winner Justin Madar about his successes these past two months. Congratulations Justin on your back to back win! Enjoy!

 What makes you so successful that you’ve earned the sales belt in back to back months?

Justin: “My drive to be the best every month and to beat Will Lemanski :). I also think my interactions with people and connecting with them when they want to be connected with and that may not necessarily be your traditional 8-5 hours. I also spend the time explaining their coverages.”

 What’s working for you?

 Justin: “My dedication of putting clients and prospects needs first as well as trying to go above and beyond for them. I also think that instead of looking at the here and now I’m trying to look to the future as well to build my pipeline.”

 What have you learned from your failures?

 Justin: “I’ve learned that not every prospect is a good fit and I can’t be everything to everyone. I’ve also learned that I can’t sweat the small things.”

 What tools have helped you to be successful in earning the belt back to back?

 Justin: “I’ve been working on finding the right referral partners that understand what my target client business is. I like in our agency monthly team meetings that my co-workers discuss a different coverage every month and we route industry magazines around every month to help us stay up to date on the latest trends.”

 The pressure is on now that you’ve earned the belt back to back times. Will you be able to threepete?

Justin: “Only time will tell :)”

 What words of wisdom do you have for your teammates on earning the belt?

Justin: “Never given always earned and better luck next month. Just kidding!! :)”

 Why is earning the sales belt so important to you?

 Justin: “I don’t like to lose and I love the idea of the bragging rights for the month with our team. Friendly competition is always worth it especially if there is a prize at the end. It’s helped to push me harder.”

 What parting works do you have for us?
Justin: “If you’re not first your last.” -Ricky Bobby

We’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed hearing from Justin about his back to back wins! Congratulations Justin! This is a well deserved honor!
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